Ray Pechacek

Ray Pechacek – Deacon

My Story

I am one of those people who have “always been a Christian” even though they do not exist. When I attended college at the University of Texas at Austin, I joined a small group of believers called Chi Alpha and we became close friends. One of them asked if I had ever been “hugged” by Jesus when going through deep trials – definitely a shock to me at the time! But his question guided me towards pursuing a truly personal relationship with Christ, which was essential when I experienced later trials.

When I was 31, I contracted a rare illness called Guillain Barre Syndrome. My body became completely paralyzed and I came to the point of death. I knew I was about to die, and was terrified. Then one final thought came to me – all I have is Christ. At that point I felt an indescribable peace wrapping around my body, and I was not afraid anymore – Jesus hugged me and I survived.

God spared me, but 17 years of marriage ended and I experienced lows I never thought I could feel. I spent most of the next 17 years as a single parent raising my son, which was a great blessing. Then God brought my wonderful wife Wendy to me, and through an amazing set of circumstances, I left my job of 33 years and pursued other opportunities that ultimately brought us here to Wentzville.

My Hope for Peine Ridge Church

I love the fellowship we have supported by a deep commitment to teaching (and most importantly living by) God’s word. My hope is that as we continue to grow and hold on to our close fellowship while remaining true to God’s word in a very challenging world.