Haggai Class

  • Location

    Peine Ridge Church Building

  • Date & Time

    Sunday Evenings – 6pm to 7:30pm
    October 2nd till November 13th

  • Class Focus

    The Book of Haggai

Class Summary

When was the last time you paused to stand in wonder at how amazing it is that we have the very words of God Himself written down for us in our own language? The Bible is more accessible to us today than it ever has been! The question is not one of availability, opportunity, or even of ability, but really one of willingness. But willingness itself is a natural outcome of belief. Therefore, the question now becomes, do we believe that the Bible is valuable enough. Not, merely is it valuable, but do we believe it is valuable enough to willingly, eagerly pursue it. Do we value God’s written Word enough to pick it up and read it and study it? The funny thing about this is that we actually grow in our valuing of the Bible by reading and studying the Bible. And what’s even more important here, is that we actually grow in our valuing of God by reading and studying the Bible.

So, do you want to know more about the Bible? Do you want to value it more? Do you want to love, enjoy, and worship God more? Then read and study the Bible. It is that simple and that difficult. As a way to make it easier (and prayerfully more effective), on Sunday night, October 2nd, we are starting a 7-week class studying a book of the Bible. Which book, you ask? Haggai. (Yes, that is a real word, and it is really in the Bible.) It is a small book (only 2 chapters) with big truths about God.

In this study, you will learn the historical context, the theological focus, the Christ-centered orientation, and the practical applications of the Book of Haggai. This 7-week class will be on Sunday nights up at our church building from 6pm to 7:30pm from Oct. 2nd to Nov. 13th. It is for any and all who are willing to dig into the truth about and within God’s written Word.

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