Justin Glenn

Justin Glenn – Deacon

My Story

I grew up in a family that attended church, and I always had a strong sense of moral right and wrong. However, by my teen and young adult years, I found myself involved in irresponsible and illegal behaviors. My strong moral conviction stayed in for certain areas of life, but I had let that go completely in others. At the age of 26, I hit rock bottom. I was desperate and looking for a change in my life. At that point, the Gospel was shared with me, which I quickly accepted. It was through a process of learning about and growing in God’s Grace over the past decade that I’ve grown in my faith.

I’m currently married, have four children, and work in fleet safety. In my spare time, I enjoy working on house projects and cars and spending time outdoors.

My Hope for Peine Ridge Church

I hope that PRC will glorify God through serving our church body and our community and that at PRC my kids will grow up to love the Lord and have fond memories of their church community.