Honor God’s Faithfulness

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Peine Ridge Sermons
Peine Ridge Sermons
Honor God's Faithfulness

Scripture – Exodus 20:14

Sermon Summary: Followers of Christ honor and worship their faithful God and demonstrate His steadfast faithfulness by striving to be faithful to their own covenants and promises.

What are some ways to apply this?

  1. If you are married, remain faithful to your spouse–sexually, emotionally, and mentally.
  2. If you are single, abstain from all sexual activity until marriage.
  3. For men- Keep a guard on your eyes. Learn to treat all women with respect.
  4. Resist sexual temptation by the power of God, through the Word, prayer & the Church.
  5. If you have sinned sexually, there is grace for you if you confess your sin and repent.
  6. As you fight sexual sin, God will cause you to be sanctified. He is faithful!