The Foolishness of Godlessness

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Peine Ridge Sermons
The Foolishness of Godlessness

Scripture – Psalm 14

This Psalm shows us two attitudes to reject when we see the power and success of wicked people:

  1. We should reject envy of the godless.
  2. We should reject fear of the godless

Why should we reject envy and fear of the godless?

  1. Because the LORD is against the godless.
  2. Because the LORD is for the godly.

The Apostle Paul’s quotation from Psalm 14 in Romans 3 is not contradictory, but is a complementary perspective to David’s.

How should we respond?

  1. Repent of our own godlessness, humbly acknowledging that we would be wicked to the core if not for the grace of God.
  2. Eagerly long for, and confidently expect, that the LORD will one day vindicate the righteous and judge the ungodly who have foolishly rejected Him.