A Parable of Pride

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Peine Ridge Sermons
Peine Ridge Sermons
A Parable of Pride

Scripture – Exodus 9:13-10:29

Stubborn pride is a trap that will bring ruin to you and those around you if you don’t let go of it.

1. Pride is Rooted In a Warped Worldview, Humility is Rooted In Reality.
2. Pride Rebels against the Word of God, Humility Receives the Word of God.
3. Pride Receives grace as another opportunity to rebel, Humility Responds to grace with repentance.
4. Pride Ridiculously negotiates with God, Humility Radically submits to God.
5. Pride Refuses to see itself as the problem,  Humility Recognizes responsibility.
6. Pride Rejects greater knowledge of God, Humility is Rewarded with greater knowledge of God.
7. Pride Regrets consequences, rather than wrongdoing, Humility Repents from the heart.
8. Pride Resorts to angry threats when confronted with reality, Humility Rejoices in God’s reign.
9. Pride Results in Wreckage & Ruin, Humility Results in Rescue & Restoration.

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