Taking Good Sermon Notes

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Have you ever really enjoyed listening to your pastor’s message, but couldn’t readily recall the points you wanted to?  Or have ever found it difficult to follow a particular sermon?  Or maybe you just find it difficult to stay engaged (or awake!) during some sermons.  Perhaps this is, at least in some measure, the fault of the preacher, but perhaps the fault lies some with you too.

The heart of the hearer is just as important as the heart of the preacher.  And his words won’t do you much good if you don’t move from being a hearer to a listener.  If you desire to be blessed by, changed by, and helped by the proclamation of God’s Word, there are many things you can/should do.

One of these things is simply to take good sermon notes.

Taking good sermon notes can really help you.  It might not turn a bad sermon into a good one, but it can turn you into a good listener, making even the not-so-great sermons edifying in some ways.  Make it your aim to be easily edified.  Commit to listen and learn and gain more benefit from sermons.  Plan and take practical steps in sermon note-taking, not only to bless yourself, but also to honor God, His Word, the sacred gift of preaching, and your faithful pastors who work hard for your good and God’s glory.

Crossway recently put out a great blog post on this very thing:

8 Tips for Taking Good Sermon Notes

All of there tips are helpful and practical, but tip number seven is a wonderful reminder.  I pray that God will be pleased to work through this to help you become a better listener, causing you to love and grow from preaching more.